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Vintage Township HOA Board Meeting Agenda

April 13th, 2021

  1. Call to Order
  2. Introduction of new HOA Board Members
  3. Establish quorum
  4. Property Management Proposal Presentation – Hawkize Property Management
  5. Elect HOA Board officers
  6. President’s Report
  7. Resident Comments
    1. Resident needs to submit request to speak prior to day of meeting through email ( (Limited to 5 minutes per resident)
  8. Old Business
    1. Increased neighborhood security hours
  9. New Business
    1. Venue rental
    2. Pool related issues
    3. Mailbox shortage
  10. Future Business
    1. Drainage and Widening for 114th St – Meeting (Date/Time are TBD) with city and contractor engineers
  11. Financials
  12. Executive Session
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