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HOA Board Update (04-05-2021): As most of you are aware, due to recent resignations, there are four open HOA Board seats, as well as the HOA Manager position. There are a number of time sensitive decisions that need to be made by the Board. Given the urgency, I have decided to appoint board members and then hold elections at their customary time in October. In order to select these new members, I have been given recommendations by residents, have contacted recent candidates for the Board, and have had individuals express interest in serving. I am pleased to announce that the following residents have accepted positions:

Dr. Jeremy Jones is a pain management specialist who is married with four young children.

Ms. Briana Cooper, JD is an attorney who is married with one young child

Ms. Anne Crago is a marketing and public relations manager who is married with two children.

Mr. Colin Watts is an engineer who is married with one child on the way.

Each of these residents has a strong commitment to the neighborhood and brings diverse subject matter expertise that will benefit decision making. There have been many additional residents who have reached out to offer their help as we go through this time of transition. I am appreciative of these offers and plan on calling upon their wisdom as needed.

The next HOA Board meeting is scheduled for April 13th, 2021 at 7:00 pm at Town Hall. Any resident who wants to speak at the meeting needs to contact the Board ahead of time to be placed on the agenda. Speaking times are limited to 5 minutes. The meeting agenda will be posted in the next few days.

–Tim Dallas, HOA Board President

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