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Vintage Residents,
Based upon resident Facebook posts and other conversations we have been made fully aware of the increase in criminal activity over the last few weeks related to vehicle break-ins. The Vintage HOA board held a special meeting on March 28th (minutes to be added in April) to quickly address this concern and determine what we can do to try and create a stronger deterrent against this activity. We have decided to increase the security days and hours, and will discuss with Monarch reorganizing shift times, and evaluate how this change is helping.
We feel this will create an opportunity to improve the safety and security of our neighborhood. Please be aware that these individuals can be highly dangerous, and we strongly encourage you to avoid confrontation. Please call 911 and then Monarch Security at (806) 516-4187 or (806) 516-4188. We also encourage you to lock your vehicles and keep anything of significant value in your homes as these criminals seem to have advanced ways of opening vehicles without setting off alarms.

Carlos Morales
Vintage Township HOA
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