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HOA Board Elections and August Board Meeting
August 11th 7:00 PM at Town Hall
This is not an open forum so if you would like to be added to the agenda, please contact 806 782 4294 or
There are two board positions open. Both of these board positions had a term that expired at the end of 2020. For those nominees that are voted into these spots, they will serve out the remaining term of 2020. You can vote by email from August 4th through August 10th or you will have an opportunity to attend the HOA board meeting on August 11th to hear from the potential board members and then vote in person.
The board encourages you attend the Board meeting. However, if you cannot attend, please email your vote to
Choose TWO of the six nominees below (scroll down for bios).
Sherryle Cantu
Tim Dallas
Tom Gowdy
Mark Harral
Jeremy Jones
Colin Watts
REMINDER: One vote, per household, per open position. So you will need to vote for 2 of the 6 nominees (you will not be allowed to vote for 1 person twice).
Sherryle Russell Cantu moved with her family’s tax and financial planning business, The Advisors Group (TAG) into Market Hall in 2012. TAG made a commitment early on to support the community and individual neighbors as much as possible, and as an Enrolled Agent (EA) and experienced bookkeeper, Sherryle has donated her time consulting with the neighborhood managers about bookkeeping and tax questions that arose over the years. Then, after her three sons successfully launched and left the nest, Sherryle jumped at the opportunity to grab one of the small bungalows in 2019, becoming a full-fledged resident. She relishes the beauty and camaraderie of the neighborhood, as well as being able to walk to and from work with her little rescue dog, Emilio.
Still involved in the lives and activities of her boys, Sherryle is also very active in her church with the women’s ministry and Bible study. She is a tad fanatical about New Zealand rugby, frequently getting up in the middle of the night to watch international matches featuring her beloved All Blacks, New Zealand’s national team. Her other passions are books, music and all things purple…and yes, that is her purple Dodge Challenger that you have seen in the ‘hood.
 Sherryle brings not only her experience as a tax professional but tremendous organizational skills and knowledge as a small business owner to support her underlying love of this neighborhood and serve as a practical and reliable member of the board.
Tim Dallas My family and I have been residents of Vintage since December 2013 and participate in most of our community’s events. I am married to Beth Dallas and we have four children that attend Cooper schools. Our family is very active in youth and high school sports. I have been a professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Texas Tech University since 1999 and I also serve as an Associate Dean of the Graduate School. We attend Southcrest Baptist Church and I serve on an advisory board for Parkridge.
Thomas (Tom) Gowdy I have lived in Vintage for almost 4 years with my wife Cat, and 2 step-sons. I have really enjoyed the lifestyle that Vintage allows and the closeness of everyone in the neighborhood. I have two grown sons. One lives in Iowa and the other in Austin.
I have spent over 40 years in the Crop Insurance Industry, traveled the United States in various capacities from Marketing Rep to President to National; Account Manager. It has been very rewarding and has shown me a wide variety of business opportunities and experience. Managed companies in excess of 200 employees and over 1000 agencies within the Crop Insurance Industry. Served on various boards and committees within the Crop Insurance Industry. Some of which were, American Association of Crop Insurance Board (AACI), Crop Insurance Research Bureau (CIRB), National Crop Insurance Services (NCIS), Crop Insurance Professional Association (CIPA), National Weather Service (NWS) Crop Data Review Panel, University of Minnesota Education Committee, Iowa State University Education Committee, RMA Nursery Development Committee, RMA GRP/GRIP Development Committee, State of Iowa Natural Disaster Board and Lions Club International local Secretary and Treasurer.
I believe that Vintage is a great place to live, raise a family and retire. And I plan on completing all three while here. I have fought (with many others) for Vintage to follow the By-Laws and plan on continuing to Keep Vintage Vintage.
Mark Harral My wife and I have lived in Vintage since 2013. During that time, I have worked as CEO of Group NIRE which performs research for Department of Energy, Department of Defense, and other federal entities. Over the last 10 years, I have performed over $55M in research projects funded by private, state, and federal entities. I would like to be considered for the board position to assist with daily issues facing the community. We have enjoyed living in this community and I would like to contribute more to the community if selected.
My name is Jeremy Jones. My beautiful wife is Katie and we have 4 boys. Ryan (7 yo) and Graham (4 yo) are the “big boys” and the twins Reed and Grant (20 months) are the “little boys”. I am originally from Houston and Katie is from Oregon, but between school and work we have moved around several times and finally landed in Lubbock. Lubbock is very different from our home towns, but the people here are what really makes this a great place to call home.
We have lived in Vintage for almost 2 years now. We used to drive through the neighborhood dreaming of one day moving here. After several years, we finally found ourselves in a position to build a house here and have been thankful we did ever since. No other neighborhood in Lubbock is like ours and part of what makes us so great is all of our wonderful neighbors.
Professionally I am a physician and work at the Lubbock Spine Institute. I believe years of school and training has helped to cultivate leadership skills as a member of the work team. More and more I’ve seen that this can translate into the real world and is why I believe that I could be a valuable member of the Vintage Township HOA.
I see the HOA Board as a group of Vintage residents who get to come together and represent the voices of all the other residents. I know it will not be all sunshine and rainbows, but I promise to bring a professional attitude with me to the board and to listen to the voices of the residents.
Thank you all for your consideration. I’ll see you at the park!
Colin Watts has been a Vintage Township resident for 5 years. He and his wife Alanna of 9 years enjoy everything vintage including morning walks with the lovely puppy Sadie. A mechanical engineer by trade, he has made a career in designing new construction homes in Lubbock and surrounding areas as well as is a full time project manager for Simflo Pumps.
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