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Vintage Township Residents,

We are sad to announce the resignations of Rocky Holly and Murphy Coon from the HOA Board.  We truly appreciate their personal dedication in serving on the Vintage Township HOA board and their focused efforts to continue to make our neighborhood great.  They both brought a wealth of knowledge and passion that will be greatly missed. Thank you both for serving on the board.

We are also sad to announce the resignation of Helen Otto as the Vintage Township HOA Manager.  Helen has served in this position for over 4 years, and during that time she had a positive impact on not only the HOA operations but on many relationships with our residents. We are very thankful of her dedication and support to the board and the neighborhood.  Helen has assured us she will stay with us and help through this transition to find her replacement, which will be hard to do.

Your remaining board members, Lisa Burgess, B.J. McKinley and Carlos Morales, will soon meet to discuss and organize the process to replace both board member spots, as well as the HOA Manager position.  We will keep you all informed on our progress throughout this process, so please keep an eye out for our announcements.

Rocky, Murphy, and Helen, Thank You for all you have done for Vintage Township!

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