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There has been significant progress made from many of the Vintage Township residents in reference to the opposition of the new Quadruplex by Salisbury Park and the new apartment complex development to be constructed on Savannah Avenue. It is our belief that the efforts of the residents are intended to protect the culture of Vintage Township and assure our neighborhood continues to present beautiful and unique homes. There has been some concern circulating that the HOA submitted a letter to the City of Lubbock Zoning Board to support the zoning changes presented for new development in Vintage Township from Residential to Apartment. We want to clear that up.
The HOA board was misrepresented in an email to the city on the HOA board support/approval for the current quadruplex and future apartment buildings. In May, Murphy Coon presented a statement to the residents with board approval that was simply confirming facts of the zoning changes that were established in 2010, but he did not make any statement in regards to the current HOA board approving these previous established changes. As a board we supported his email that stated these facts. As a board we can also say that we do not collectively support these zoning changes. James Rasmussen took Murphy’s letter completely out of context to submit this to the City of Lubbock Zoning Board and it is our understanding this letter will be removed from the upcoming zoning meeting that will address these properties.
As a board, it is our intention to continue to support the concerns of our residents and we plan to be a part of this effort as this moves forward to assure we continue to protect the integrity of our great neighborhood. In this effort, as requested, we will also pursue professional clarification of responsibility and authority between the HOA Board and the Design Review Board that will be presented to The Assembly upon completion.
Vintage Township HOA Board
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