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Hello Neighbors,

May is finally here! It has been a rough couple of months but things are starting to look up.  While we have been home spending time with our families, I have seen the many ways we have also blessed each other as neighbors.  Just thinking back over the last couple of months it probably seems like not much was happening but I want to tell you about what I saw.  I saw everyone putting their children first.   We had shamrock walks and teddy bear hunts.  Some neighbors were very generous and shared their chalk, play dough and craft supplies with others.  Some have given away their extra toys, books, puzzles, plants and extra supplies to those in need. Vintage neighbors are always willing to help lost animals, packages and mail find their rightful owners.  They always answer the call for advice or recommendations.  Family is what Vintage is about.

While we have been home our neighborhood has turned green.  The flowers are beautiful and the birds are singing.  We have great things planned for the summer. The dates may get moved around but we hope to have them all.  Stay safe and I’ll see you around the neighborhood.

Lisa Burgess

Member of  HOA Vintage Township Board


The City of Lubbock have contacted me again and requested that all residents roll their trash bins out to the edge of their driveway behind their house if they want them to be emptied. They said some of the bins are not being rolled out and they have had some complaints that the trash is not being picked up. The trash is picked up on Monday’s and Thursday’s.

MAY HOA BOARD MEETING:  The May meeting will be held on May 12th at Town Hall.  Current restrictions in place at this time will not allow us to have an open meeting.  If you would like to add something to the agenda please contact me. If you have an issue and would like to meet with a representation of the board members, please let me know.  It would be limited to two family members from a residence following strict safety guidelines that would be outlined in advance and at a mutually convenient time.

GOLF CARTS: The information below is FYI. The HOA does not enforce the laws regarding the use of golf carts but just want you to be aware that it is illegal to operate a golf cart without a driver’s license. Please see below:



“A ‘golf cart’, as defined in Section 502.001 (18) of the Texas Transportation Code, is a motor vehicle designed by the manufacturer primarily for use on a golf course. THEREFORE a Driver’s License is REQUIRED to operate a motor vehicle on any public roadway.”

Section 551.403 Limited Operation.

(a) An operator may operate a golf cart:

(1) In a master planned community:

(A) That has in place a uniform set of restrictive covenants; and

(B) For which a county or municipality has approved a plat;

(2) On a public or private beach; or

(3) On a public highway for which the posted speed limit is not more than 35 miles per hour, if the golf cart is operated:

(A) During the daytime; and

(B) Not more than two miles from the location where the golf cart is usually parked and for transportation to or from a golf course.

(b) The Texas Department of Transportation or a county or municipality may prohibit the operation of a golf cart on a public highway if the department or the governing body of the county or municipality determines that the prohibition is necessary in the interest of safety.

The nearest golf course from Vintage Township is Lakeridge Country Club with a distance of 2.8 miles.

City Ordinance as well as Texas Transportation Code have separate laws in place concerning Golf Carts Used by Businesses for Package Delivery. (i.e. UPS, FED EX, etc…) but this will not have any bearing on the laws in place as described above.


Section 5455.352. Prima Facie Speed Limits.

(a) A speed in excess of the limits established by Subsection (b) or under another provision of this subchapter is prima facie evidence that the speed is not reasonable and prudent and that the speed is unlawful.

(b) Unless a special hazard exists that requires a slower speed for compliance with Section 545.351(b), the following speeds are lawful:

(1) 30 miles per hour in an urban district on a street other than an alley and 15 miles per hour in an ALLEY.

Thank you to Tommy Prumer for providing us with this valuable information

If you have any questions or comments please contact Helen at 806 782 4294 or or the HOA Board at

Thank You

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