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Dear Neighbors of Vintage Township,

We the board members of the HOA hope to find each of you well. We are anxiously awaiting the joyous news of the Covid-19 crisis concluding. During this time of Isolation, we have had to make many changes in how daily lives are conducted. It has been genuinely great to see how our small community has come together and the spirit of Vintage has been able to shine.  The reason we write today is to address concerns from our fellow neighbors about 2 properties that are being built along the Salisbury park area. After an exhaustive review by members of the board including a licensed realtor, we have come to many conclusions concerning these properties. Here are some interesting facts that we discovered during our review. The design plan for Vintage included designs for several types of multifamily homes as well as apartment complexes. It also included designs for much more commercial property than we have now including a movie theater, garden offices, and multistory offices with apartments above. The 2 properties in question follow all Vintage design guidelines and had to be approved by the Vintage Design Board. The Vintage design board is its own entity solely owned by the current Founder of Vintage Township.  The Salisbury area when it was in development was originally intended to be a row of apartments and in 2010 was zoned as such. Any of the properties along Salisbury area when built are to be rezoned R1 for residential use. The city of Lubbock has designated Vintage Township a special zoning code along with the Airport area and Downtown. Some have also expressed concern over the quality of the renters According to the Bylaws of Vintage Township no Short-term rental is allowed meaning that we cannot have properties that utilize Airbnb in our neighborhood. These properties are 1-year leases which in real estate terms is a Long-term rental. The Design review board will set the Dues for HOA membership upon each individual family unit comparable to that of unit in its size. In other words, the renting parties will not get to enjoy the HOA amenities for less than any single family is paying for their comparable property.  The rental cost for these properties per month will be very comparable to individual family mortgage rates for similar properties of its size currently in the neighborhood. The families that will be renting these properties will be average hard-working Americans just like the rest of the neighborhood.

Lastly, the use of social media is a great tool when used appropriately. Unfortunately, in this instance social media has been used to spread incorrect information. In the future if individuals feel strongly about a topic, we encourage them to seek a meeting with the HOA board or in this case request a meeting from the Design review board.


Thank you,

VT HOA Board

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