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The April HOA Board meeting has been cancelled. If you have any comments or concerns, you can contact the HOA board at 806 782 4294 or
“From the Vintage Township HOA Board Members”:
April, 2020 is here —-
The month of March was a very stressful time for everyone. The COVID-19 Coronavirus has forced changes for everyone. In two separate communications, Murphy Coon has provided everyone with excellent facts, recommendations, and references in dealing with this situation.
Public safety considerations in our community must take precedence. Our community is part of who we are. The people in our community represent who we are. We should care about the health of our community. The sooner everyone follows protocol, the quicker this will end.
In support of our city officials and the health of our community:
—- Exercise the “Stay at home” order.
—- Avoid “group gatherings.”
—- Institute “Social distancing.” Remain at least six feet from people from outside the individual’s household.
—- Monitor and be aware of the “Mayor’s orders” and the “CDC.”
This is the best course of action right now in order to meet the health and safety expectations.
Please be concerned about the well-being of the residents in our neighborhood and the citizens of Lubbock. This is a serious illness and needs to be taken very seriously. You have a responsibility to not only protect yourself, but you have a societal moral responsibility to protect other people.
Be assured that the Vintage Township Board members are staying in contact on a daily basis and we are doing what we can. If you witness a violation of the Mayor’s orders and you want to report it, the Mayor’s office has advised that you call the “Non-Emergency Police Department” telephone number to report it:
(806) 775 – 2865.
Please stay safe.
Rocky Holly
President of Vintage Township HOA
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