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Dear Neighbors,


I wanted to write this letter to share what your VT Board is doing to help combat the COVID-19 virus. First, we have suspended all Town hall rentals for the next 2 months per the Mayor of Lubbock’s deceleration to close all non-essential business. Helen has been in close contact with those individuals and hopefully when the situation improves we can reschedule. Second, we have asked the events committee to suspend on all event activities. The events committee will take each event and decide what to do for it when the event occurs. A good example is Easter- as of right now the neighborhood egg hunt is still a go but a decision will be made closer to time. Last but not least we have contracted with Busy Bee Power Washing to sanitize all 3 of our gazebos and furniture, playground equipment, Basketball area, and Park benches. They will be using a Quaternary Ammonium compound then rinsed with hot water through a pressure washer. It is very common for surfaces and dishes in the food industry to be cleaned and sanitized using a similar quaternary ammonium compound and this will be perfectly safe for our residents. I know this is a difficult time for families especially with children being home. It is very tempting to allow our kids out to play on the parks. However, this virus can live on metallic surfaces for up to 9 hours and even though children have not been the primary risk group they are great carriers. The board is asking that everyone stay home as much as possible for the next few weeks. Please keep you children off of the playground equipment. One last note we have really enjoyed seeing families walking the neighborhood which is perfectly fine looking for shamrocks and teddy bears. We would encourage neighbors to continue to contact Helen about doing more of these hunts. Stay safe and stay home!

Murphy Coon

VT HOA Board Vice-President.

If you have any questions or comments you can contact the HOA board at or 806 782 4294

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