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Rocky Holly, President

Murphy Coon, Vice President

Carlos Morales, Secretary/Treasurer

Lisa Burgess

B.J. McKinley


TONIGHT,  January 21, 2020 8 p.m. at Town Hall

Want to know what we do? Would like to be a part of the committee, help with events, or have ideas for events?  Join us as we discuss and plan events for 2020.

WE HAVE EXTENDED THE CLOSING DATE TO JANUARY 31ST. VINTAGE TOWNSHIP RESIDENT DIRECTORY: This is a hard copy directory where residents have the opportunity to have their contact information and a family photo included if they wish. This is only distributed to the residents of Vintage. If you would like to be included please click or copy this link to post your information.

Just a reminder that the deadline for sponsorships for the Vintage Neighborhood Directory is January 31. Here is a link for you to sign up:

DOGS: We have received a number of complaints regarding dog droppings in the various parks and common areas.  Please be sure to clean up after your pets.

EXTERIOR REPAIRS: We still have several porch rails in the neighborhood that need repair. I will be sending out notices.

RV/Boat Parking: Just a reminder that we have restricted RV parking in Vintage Township.  An RV is defined as a Motor Home, Travel Trailer, Fifth Wheel Trailer or Boat that is over 6 feet in width, 7 feet in height and over 20 foot in length.  Parking of such vehicles is not allowed on the streets, alleyways, or driveways of Vintage Township except for short periods not to exceed 48 hours to allow for loading and unloading.  This will also apply to construction/equipment trailers and commercial vehicles.

If you have any questions or comments you can contact me at 806 782 4294, or the board at

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