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Here are the bios of our four nominees.

LISA BURGESS: My name is Lisa Burgess. I have been married to my husband Brett for 37 years. We have 3 daughters, 3 son-in-laws, and 6 grandchildren. I have recently retired after 16 yrs at UMC Hospital working as a Certified Pharmacy Technician in the In-Patient Pharmacy. We have lived in Vintage since November 2006. Being one of the founding residents here I have worked on many different committees and been involved in several social clubs through the years such as Winter Wonderland, July 3rd, Yard Sale, Book Club, Bunco, Cookbook, Children’s Home Christmas Party and Potlucks. I have many years of past experience as PTA President and Booster Club President when my daughters were in school. The past Vintage boards have done an excellent job in getting our finances in shape and taking care of the upkeep in the neighborhood. I would like to continue in that tradition and encourage more neighborhood activities and resident involvement.

B.J. MCKINLEY: B.J. McKinley is a Lubbock native and has lived in Vintage Township for eighteen months. He is a retired United States Army Infantryman and Paratrooper. He is currently a Reserve Sheriff’s Deputy for Motley County, Texas, and the co-owner of a private security company based here in Lubbock. He has been married to his wife Chelsea for fifteen years and has two kids, Abby 11, and Cale 8, who both attend Trinity Christian School. The McKinley’s were drawn to Vintage Township for the charm and style. It wasn’t until after they got to know their neighbors that they fell in love with the community that is Vintage.

CARLOS MORALES:My name is Carlos Morales, husband to Cassie and father to Keira, Kaelyn, and Karli. I was born and raised in Lubbock, attended Lubbock Christian High School and a proud graduate of Texas Tech University. I love Texas Tech so much I graduated twice. I am currently the Executive Vice President of Caprock Home Health Services, our family business that just celebrated it’s 36th year (I love what I do and who we serve in our business, and if you want to know more make some time and hit me up)! For me, Lubbock is a place I love and a place where I am proud to help my wife raise our family. In all honesty, she sets the bar pretty high in this kid raising business and I steadily perform just high enough to not get fired.

We built our house in Vintage over 3 year ago and absolutely love this neighborhood. Our three little girls have made awesome friends with many of the other kids in the hood, and to watch them play around the parks and have a great time makes us smile. I think this neighborhood is something special, and so much that not even my ridiculousness can dent it (look for me on Facebook 😉). Because of that, I think it would a great opportunity to serve on the HOA board and control/spend your money in a way that is best for our hood. I look forward to the opportunity and hope I don’t mess it up.

SAM OSWALD: Having been a resident of Vintage Township for ten years, life here has been special for my wife Rosemary and me in many special ways. The strong sense of community and caring for others is what makes Vintage stand out from other developments in the area and is what attracted us. We moved here because of the warm and friendly lifestyle the community offered. It felt like home. Rosemary and I have enjoyed volunteering for many different activities and events over the years.

I am a retired educator and artist having taught in the K-12 classroom and college. In addition to teaching I served as Dean of Continuing Education at New Mexico Junior College-Hobbs, NM, Executive Director of TTU K-12 (TTUISD) and Director of Planning and Assessment at Texas Tech University.

As a committed board member, I will seek to work with our residents and leaders to build upon our community strengths, seeking new ideas to spur our community spirit forward. This includes us continuing to maintain solid operational infrastructures as our community facilities age. Our Vintage leadership has provided a strong foundation to build upon moving forward that will support this.

Although I am traveling at present and will not be present at the October Board meeting to personally speak to each of you, I would appreciate your vote of endorsement to serve on the Vintage Board. I eagerly await the opportunity to serve.


October is here and that means Vintage Township board elections. This year there will be three HOA board members rotating off the board. With three openings, this year’s election is very important to the HOA board in moving forward for the betterment of Vintage Township. As you read the profiles of the candidates and as you listen to their speeches on Oct. 8, please remember the role of a board member and vote for the candidates who will best represent Vintage Township.

Election of board members require the participation of the homeowners. Most decisions are the responsibility of the Board of Directors, acting on the homeowners behalf; also, the Board of Directors is responsible for taking care of the Neighborhood Commons and the enforcement of existing covenants. HOA board members roles are very active and very involved. The HOA board members will meet once a month and additionally must be available to assist the HOA manager, as well as the various committee chairpersons, as respectfully needed. The HOA board members will view and discuss proprietary and confidential documents that cannot be shared, nor discussed, apart from other HOA board members. Also, the HOA board members must assist in financial statements and annual budget preparation.

Again, please remember the role of a board member and vote for the candidates who will best represent Vintage Township.

Thank you —- I hope to see you on Oct. 8.

Rocky Holly

President of Vintage Township HOA

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