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REMINDERS: ACE of TEXAS agents will be at the Vintage Township Town Hall to explain how the property tax system works. They will also explain how to interpret tax notices and statements along with various tax exemptions.
Tuesday, March 26th 2019
Vintage Town Hall
7:00 PM
Not able to attend check out their Facebook page or
Email at

Most of us believe that we pay too much property tax – and many do! With their property tax system knowledge, 20+ years of experience and extensive resources, ACE of TEXAS can determine if your property is or isn’t fairly valued. With their turn-key service and contingency-only fee system, they can handle everything from filing the protest through the entire process to challenge LCAD’s valuation. Clients are only charged if their challenge is successful and ACE of TEXAS is able to reduce their actual tax burden.

COFFEE MORNING: Tomorrow at 10AM at Town Hall. This is an opportunity for our retired or more mature residents to get together. If you are new to Vintage Township this is a great way to get to meet your neighbors.

EXTERIOR REPAIRS NOTICES: We still have several porch rails in the neighborhood that need repair. If you haven’t contacted me to let me know you are proceeding with repairs, I will be sending out notices. Please contact me and I can give you the names of some companies who many have used in the neighborhood.

If you have any questions or comments please contact me at 806 782 4294 or the HOA board at
Thank you

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