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In 2018 part of our HOA funds were used for the following:

The pergolas in Founders Park, Salisbury Park and at the pool were treated and stained.  The pool gazebos had a new mesh installed above.  The Gazebos at Broadfield Court, Piper Parker and the area above the mailboxes were also treated and stained. Five park benches, pool loungers with tables and two patio tables with chairs were purchased.  This allowed us to move more patio furniture over to Salisbury Park.  New walls were built with a name plaque for Piper Park. The playground mulch was replaced at Salisbury Park and a large part of a slide was replaced at Founders Park. A new floor was installed at Town Hall. Eight cement columns tops were placed around Town Hall and Piper Park.  New pool cameras were installed.  We are currently having all the trees in the common areas trimmed and treated.  This is with funds from the 2018 budget.  This was done along with the usual repairs throughout the neighborhood.

We couldn’t replace trees or add to the landscaping as planned in 2018 because of the water situation.  However, as soon as the well is operational we will be adding and replacing plants and trees.

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