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POSTAL BOXES: I would ask that everyone check their mail on a daily basis so we can empty the parcel boxes to make room for more deliveries. Unfortunately, as we have so many parcels delivered here this time of year, it’s inevitable that many of us have to make the dreaded trip to the post office to collect ours. The Advisors Group across from Town Hall has offered to have parcels delivered there during their office hours and then people can collect from them (during their office hours). You will not get a pink slip in your mail box to notify you that there is a parcel so you would need to track your delivery. If you are not available to pick up your parcel and wish to send someone else to pick it up, you can contact Karen at 806 794 3848 or and she will make note of this.
Their office hours are: Monday to Thursday 9:30AM to Noon and 1:30PM to 5:00PM and on Friday 9:30AM to noon and 1:30PM to 3:00PM. They are closed Saturday and Sunday.
The post office will still be utilizing our parcel boxes but this may ensure we all get our deliveries without as many trips to the post office. We will try this it out for a week starting December 3rd and see how it goes.
If you have any questions for myself or the board regarding this, please contact us directly at 806 782 4294, or

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